Upcoming California Events
Sunday, Aug 26
This event features "Empowering Empaths; Energy Alchemy to Support Your Super Powers" with sound healer Elivia Melodey, 25 FREE Talks, 40 Exhibitors.
Huntington Beach
Sat, Aug 4 - Past
This event features "Messages from Loved Ones in Spirit" with celebrity medium Hollister Rand, the John of God Crystal Light Bed, 25 FREE Talks, 30 Exhibitors.
Past - Sacramento
Sat & Sun, Aug 11 & 12
This is a two day event with celebrity keynotes, 40+ speakers, 90+ vendors, & live music with Grammy Award-Winning Flutist. Live Streaming is available.
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Online Courses
Arnoux Goran was raised by two deaf crack addicts. As a child, he would ride his bicycle in the middle of the night, and he could still hear the screaming from over a mile away. He had so much emotional pain that at age 20, doctors told him that he only had 3 months to live. He didn't accept that reality, and now he's a health & subconscious reprogramming expert. His life is finally drama free, and now yours can be, too!
The Secret of
Deliberate Creation
Do you like to read? Click the button.
Meditation Mastery
Watch this FREE video to learn how to visualize more effectively and how to maximize your affirmations. Plus, this guys has a course on how to meditate like a champ!
Deals & Giveaways
FREE Affirmations App
This is a great little app. Type your affirmations. Then record your voice speaking the words. Push the "play" button to cycle through all of your affirmations. Listen to your affirmations first thing in the morning and last thing before you go to bed.
Win Prizes at Our Events
We've just started using a Prize Wheel at some of our events. The idea is that everyone get's a spin just for coming to the expo. We donate prizes, and our vendors donate prizes. The prizes range in value from small to large. Time to practice your manifestation skills!
FREE Marketing Book
Is it your divine duty to create a world of health, love, happiness, and abundance? Do you have a business, and is your business optimized to achieve this goal? Learn how to get your message out, reach more people, and change the world!
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